With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he graduated as the first in his class from the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt, Germany. Grant holder from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes for outstanding students. Certified as a vocational training instructor by Hotelfachschule Marburg, Germany. Certified instructor by Randstad HR Solutions, in Eschborn, Germany. Certified in Methodology and Didactics by the Goethe Institute. Continued education as an International Systemic Coach in Gesellschaft für Perspektivenentwicklung.

From 1998 to 2009, he was a consultant and facilitator at Randstad, branch manager, business development manager, and regional director in Adecco Personaldienstleistungen with a team of 750 employees.

In the last 10 years, he has worked as a consultant, coach, and facilitator for clients such as Audi and Volkswagen México, as well as other automotive industry suppliers. He has worked on international projects involving knowledge transfer, conflict mitigation, leadership, buying and sales, employee transfers and reintegration, team training, intercultural sensitivity, coaching, and time management – with high success in completing projects reliably and in a way that meets the objectives of the client.

222 866 5793


Food Engineer from the Universidad de las Américas and Multidimensional Coach , certified by Esco and the International Coach Federation. Certified as  intercultural Coach by IKUD, Goettingen, Germany. Certified as Trainer of Methodology and Didactics by the Goethe Institut, Germany with 17 years experience in this field.

Diploma study of Long distance Trainer development by the UdLAP, Diploma study in Semiology of daily life by Dr. Alfonso Ruiz Soto, Mexico City. Management development program by IESDE Business School 2014 and 2018. Leader for the Diversity and Inclusion Project within VW 2017, 2018.

1996 – 2015  Trainer, intercultural coach and coordinator at Volkswagen Institut.

2015 – 2019 Manager Personnel Marketing and Global Assignments Volkswagen de México.


Bachelor’s degree in Philology (German and Spanish Literature and Linguistics) from the University of Köln, Germany. 

Master’s degree in German Language Teaching from the University of Kassel, Germany. Certified in Methodology and Didactics by the Goethe Institute. Part of the Volkswagen Group since 1999, as a German teacher in Puebla, Mexico and Wolfsburg, Germany.

Coordinator of the German department at Centro de Idiomas VW, Intercultural Coach, teacher at the University of Alberta, Canada. Wide experience as a teacher, intercultural coach, and training instructor for teachers and businesspeople.


German teacher and specialist in linguistics, translations and interpretations, and style correction. Expert translator, recognized by various governmental authorities and the German Embassy. Instructor in diverse behavioral areas.

Lengthy experience as an instructor, interpreter, translator, and moderator at Volkswagen Group.

Certified by the Goethe Institute in teaching German as a foreign language. Educated in Train de Trainers in PNL, she holds a diploma in Logotherapy and in Family and Work Constellations, as well as a diploma in Educational Methods from the Universidad Iberoamericana. She holds a diploma in the Semiology of Daily Life, is a WingWave work coach, holds a certificate in translation and interpretation from the University of Maguncia, participated in the forum “Landmark”, and has been a speaker in various linguistic and behavioral congresses. 


Multidimensional Coach and Master in Human Development and Work and Organizational Psychology. Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Autónoma de México and Multidimensional Coach, certified by Esco and the International Coach Federation.

Master’s degree in Human Development and Emotional Intelligence through the arts, from Artesofía Internacional.  Master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from the UPAEP, Puebla. Educated in stress management EFT, certified in human typology and synergetic leadership.

Since 2000, she has been developing training programs for various companies such as: Samsung, Tupperware, Pemex, CFE, Laboratorios Carnot, Max Com Telecomunicaciones, CFJ, Telcel, Laboratorios ABBOTT, Helvex.


Degree in architectural design and decoration at the University of Angelópolis, Puebla. Certified as a trainer in adult education by INEA.

10 years of experience as a local guide in Oaxaca City and as an intercultural expert for the regional indigenous peoples in the valleys around Oaxaca. In 2015 internal guide within the different museums under the direction of the Puebla City Museum Directorate. During the last 5 years working as intercultural trainer for private clients and the automotive industry in the city of Puebla.

"The best way to really learn a language is to explore its culture. Enriching the process of learning the Spanish language by including intercultural training will give you a deep understanding of your new temporary home."


Degree in Foreign Language Teaching. Graduate of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). Diploma as Translator of scientific-technical texts: English-Spanish/Spanish-English. Certified as a DELE Examiner (A2).

More than 30 years of experience as a Language Teacher, teaching at all educational levels and in different modalities: group and individual courses. English and Spanish teacher for 17 years for Volkswagen de México. Since 2019, as a Spanish, English and German teacher for ahá Consulting & Solutions.

"To be a teacher is to leave a mark for eternity. It is to create a unique and unrepeatable story with each of your students".


Certified by the University of Cambridge as a teacher of English with the COTE: Certificate for Overseas Teachers in English, and the three levels of the TKT exam for in-service teachers.

Certified by the same university at C2 Proficiency level in English language proficiency. Certified at B1 level in German by the Goethe Institut. Diploma in Advanced Translation from the Anglo Mexicano. Professional studies in visual arts in Mexico City and the United States.

Although her teaching certification is mainly in the teaching of English, she has been involved for several years in teaching Spanish as a second language to German, English, Portuguese and Korean speaking adults as a mother tongue. She has given drawing and painting courses in the city of Puebla to teenagers and adults of different nationalities in different spaces, as well as in her studio and she has participated in different individual and collective exhibitions, with different artists and with her students.

“My priority in teaching different subjects has always been to sensitise students beyond the acquisition of a particular skill. Making the communion with different cultures and with beauty in its individual concept enriches them and makes them grow as people.”


Graduate in Law from the Universidad Iberoamericana – Puebla. Academic exchange at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, studying the subjects of Public and Private International Law and International Criminology.  

From 2007 to 2009, substitutes for Spanish and English teachers at the kindergarten and primary level. Between 2010 and 2015, Institutional Linkage Analyst at the State Coordination of International Affairs and Support for Puebla Migrants. 

Participating in the development of international cooperation projects; organization of events, congresses and conferences with national and foreign speakers; Linking with consulates and embassies to hold exhibitions in Mexico and other countries, with the aim of disseminating the work done by Puebla artisans. 

Diploma in Migration (CIDE) Diploma in Teacher Training of Spanish as a Foreign Language (IBEROPuebla) Advanced Italian course, art culture, music and Italian cuisine in Castelraimondo, Italy. Since 2016, private Spanish classes for foreigners and from 2020 as part of the Aha Consulting & Solutions team. 


Graduate in language teaching from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. She developed her language skills thanks to her experience as an Au-pair in Germany.  She speaks German, English (Certificates) and of course Spanish. As a teacher she has been working for about 13 years in different institutions in the city of Puebla, such as Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad Europea, Rudolph Diesel and Volkswagen Language Centre.

She has kept herself up to date in teaching and has participated in certifications of the Cervantes Institute, and has also had the experience of participating as a German language certifier (Zertifikat) of the Goethe Institute through Volkswagen. 

She has the ability to work with participants of different backgrounds and ages. During her work experience she has done various trainings such as; teaching Spanish as a foreign language, AMPAL congress, Unterrichten mit digitalen Medien für Einsteiger/innen course in Berlin Germany. She is currently working as a German coordinator at ahá solutions.


Degree in English Language Teaching at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). Currently, student of the academic program EEELE (Especialización en Enseñanza el Español como Lengua Extranjera) at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). 

Professional experience teaching preschoolers, high-schoolers, college students, and senior students. English teaching experience preparing students to apply high-school admission test at the Benemérita Universidad Autóma de Puebla. During the last two years teaching business English for private clients in the automotive industry. 

“Learning a language means going deep into the marvelous cultural experiences it offers us.”


Degree in foreign languages from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla with 24 years of experience in teaching English, as well as coach in areas such as Human Resources and quality.  With 7 years of experience in teaching Spanish.

Joined the ahá Consulting & Solutions team in 2015 and works as a Spanish and English trainer, translator and interpreter.

"Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift. To learn a new language is to become a member of the club of the community of speakers of that language". (Frank Smith)


Degree in English Language Teaching from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Puebla. Certified in English by Cambridge University (FCE) and The Oxford Tutorial College (C1). Additionally, I hold a diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Puebla.

With 5 years dedicated to teaching English at various levels and with a diverse range of students spanning from children to professionals, I have a unique ability to tailor my methods to the specific needs of each group. Specializing in English for Specific Purposes at a professional level, I have helped numerous students achieve their linguistic and professional goals.

"Language teaching goes beyond words; it is about opening doors to new opportunities and perspectives."


German teacher with 23 years of experience. Studied Translation at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the Karl-Franzens-Universität in Graz, Austria. Country where she lived for 15 years. I am certified in Methodology and Didactics for the Teaching of German as a Foreign Language by the Goethe Institute and the University of Kassel, Germany.

She worked as a Spanish teacher for the Styrian Chamber of Commerce in Austria and for the Berlitz school, also in Austria. For the VW CdI I worked for 22 years as a German teacher. Currently working for Aha Solutions for two years. She has done various translations over several years.

I love teaching this beautiful language and I am very passionate about explaining its grammar, as well as telling my students about the culture of German-speaking countries, especially Austria, a wonderful country, which has influenced me a lot in my personal and professional development.