Privacy policy

ahá Consulting and Solutions maintains strict measures and policies to protect the confidentiality of all the data that it has access to. You are providing us with your personal data (“data”) in the sense that some of your personal data could be considered sensitive. Therefore, through this medium, in terms of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (the “Law”) we provide our Privacy Policy referred to in arcticles 2, 16 and 17 of the Law, at continuance the corresponding information is provided:

  1. Information of the responsible entity that collects the Data: ahá Consulting and Solutions.
  2. Address: Sonata Town Center, Edificio Escala, Paseo Opera 9, 2nd floor, Lomas de Angelópolis, C.P. 72830 Puebla, Puebla.
  3. The purpose of handling the Data collected is: ahá Consulting and Solutions compiles, receives, uses and shares identifiable information (“personal data”) about investigators and other language professionals, suppliers, clients, and/or the general public, with compliance with applicable laws and, if appropriate, according to what is authorized by the applicable governmental authorities, in relation to our everyday commercial operations, which can include in declarative form more and not limited to the following:

    Complaint reports about products and adverse events.

    Communicate information about our services of professionals of the Spanish, English and German languages, through our representatives, our webpages, email, call centers, mail and other channels, including promotional communications and other types of commercialization.

    Symposiums, conferences, and other educational and scientific programs.

    Market investigation.

    allow access to our services and provide follow up on our interactions with the language professionals by the Internet outside of the Internet (our online practices are governed by our Privacy Policy on the Internet).

    Or according to what is required by or expressly authorized by laws applicable to the business ahá Consulting and Solutions locally. When local laws require you to provide specific consent for the collection, use, transfer and/or disclosure of personal information for some of these programs, you may be asked to provide your consent by any of the above means, or by other means permitted under the law. Except where we are required by law or regulation to use or disclose personal and/or sensitive information for certain purposes.

  4. At the end of the text of this privacy notice there is a space where you as the owner of the Data can freely access by providing your Data, expressly authorizing Ahá Consulting and Solutions and third parties that provide services to you, the access, transfer and use of your data.

  5. By accepting this privacy notice, you expressly authorize ahá Consulting and Solutions to use and transfer the Data, in favor of any third party, in personal data that may be considered as sensitive and (ii) the third party recipient shall assume the same obligations that correspond to the person responsible for transferring the data, in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the Law. The foregoing, in the understanding that some of the personal data could be considered as sensitive. The foregoing, in the understanding that the third party recipient may not in turn transfer the data that were transferred to them in favor of any third party, except to Ahá Consulting and Solutions back and / or to the person responsible for their protection.

  6. You may, under the terms of Article 28 of the Law, contact ahá Consulting and Solutions to exercise the following rights with respect to the Data:

    1. To have access to your Data;
    2. rectify them;
    3. cancel them;
    4. oppose to a different use than the one authorized. For this purpose, we ask you to address a communication to Ahá Consulting and Solutions, containing the following information:

      Your name, your address, or the means by which we may contact you.

      Official identification (if applicable, document that proves the representation of the owner of the personal data).

      Precise description of the type of action you wish to be taken with respect to your Data. Attach the documentation that supports the request, as well as the documents that accredit your personality, if applicable.

  7. When you contact Ahá Consulting and Solutions, we kindly ask you to contact the following department, person, and address

    Ahá Consulting and Solutions

    Responsible for the Personal Data Department.

    Address: Sonata Town Center, Edificio Escala, Paseo Opera 9, 2nd floor, Lomas de Angelópolis, C.P. 72830 Puebla, Puebla

    If you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal data, please contact the following e-mail address: or the following website:

    Privacy Policy

    At ahá Consulting and Solutions, privacy starts with trust.

    The Privacy Office of ahá Consulting and Solutions is driven by a global mission that includes respect for individual privacy expectations. Aha Consulting and Solutions' privacy program is built on a strong foundation of global privacy practices and standards and puts into practice our tradition of maintaining high ethical standards in collecting, using, and disclosing personal information in all of our business practices and in addressing ethical issues related to privacy in language research.

    Trust in Privacy at ahá Consulting and Solutions

    We believe that trust is paramount to our privacy mission, so we have developed our privacy program around the following key elements of privacy trust:

    T - "transparency" - being open and clear about how we collect, use and disclose personal information

    R - "respect choices" - such as whether or not people want to participate in our programs

    U - "understanding perspectives" - including that people have different levels of concern about their privacy, based on cultural perspectives and personal experiences

    S - "security" - protecting personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction

    T - treat our participants with respect and in accordance with the Company's values


    This application can be used without recording directly identifying information. If you choose to register your full name or other directly identifying information, we recommend that you use the iPhone or iPod touch lock feature, which is available in the Settings function of your iPhone, to protect your personal information. ahá Consulting and Solutions does not collect your personal information when you use this application.